Monday, July 23, 2007

Harsh Words

If you believe everything you read (as I do - those floods and all that in England? That's Voldemort, that is) you'll be interested to learn not only that the English accent has become debased to the point of extinction but that its corruption is all down to one thing.

That's right. From those of us who grew up in the '80s with Scott, Charlene and Paul Robinson, right through to today's youth who are glued to Susan, Karl and, um, Paul Robinson, we've all suffered a vile decline in Received Pronunciation.

Pity the poor BBC then, unable to find any children with the required plummy tones for their period dramas. Yes, the very same BBC that has refused to pick up any new series of Neighbours for financial reasons. Heh.

But really, how ludicrous is it to level the blame at one daytime TV show from Down Under? Surely the hundreds of US sitcoms, dramas and soaps that cross the Atlantic must also be having an effect? It's worse in Australia, where a stupifyingly high percentage of shows aired are from the States - only this morning I had to stop my daughter talking in an American accent.

So if people are pointing fingers for the collapse of proper spoken English, perhaps some should be aimed at programme exporters from across the pond.

The mu***f***rs.


Blogger Ruby Tuesday said...

Flamin galaaaaahs! Mongrels!

Neighbours hasn't changed the way I speak, except for the use of the word 'uni' which was university to everyone until Scott started banging on about Higher Education options.

Alf from Home & Away HAS furnished me with a whole host of expletives though (see galah and mongrel options above)

2:19 AM  
Blogger Peter Pan said...

What have I done now ... can we leave Paul Robinson out of this please.......... ;o)

11:01 PM  

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