Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sick Building

Just about everyone in the house has been struck down with some form of illness or other over the last few days.

I kicked things off with a migraine so bad that it felt like someone was squeezing my brain out through my right eyeball, losing the whole of Wednesday.

Thursday brought an outbreak of spots on my son ... chickenpox. This presented an interesting case for our doctor, who admitted that it was only the fourth time he'd seen someone catch the disease when they'd already been vaccinated against it.

'That was $100 wasted then,' he pointed out.

Yeah. Thanks.

The weekend, in turn, has been written off with my wife succumbing to a mystery virus that's confined her to bed. We're waiting to see what my daughter and the dog go down with.

So with the clock ticking on a submission I've been asked to write, I've done sod all on it in almost a week. Already missed the deadline to send something in to the new edition of Myth Makers, the exceedingly fine anthology magazine where I got my start. Bah!

There is some good news - we've put our deposit down for a trip to the UK in January. It'll have been nearly three years since we last got over there, so there's going to be lots of friends, family and work colleagues to catch up with. Book now to avoid disappointment!


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