Monday, August 06, 2007

A Long Time in Blogging

Hello? Hello?

Ah you're still here! Thank God for that. Apologies for neglecting you, but wage slavery has taken a big bite out of my available time for the last week. Loving the money, hating having to backburner other things.

Anyway, I'm back now, and here's what you've missed - and what I've learned - in the last few days:

1. The most important thing a freelancer can do is invoice. Unless you're on a regular contract (in which case the money appears by magic in your account at the end of the week) magazine writers must always remember to send in their paperwork. The company will never - ever - call you up and point out that you've forgotten to take their cash from them. And despite a big (that's BIG) sign taped to my computer screen to remind me to invoice on Thursdays, last week it slipped my mind completely. First time that's happened in over a year, and I just can't figure out why. So it's two-minute noodles for everyone until Friday. But then it's bumper wages - woo-hoo!

2. It might look good on paper, but it sucks out loud. I've been spending a fair bit of time on that by-now-mythical audio script, which is requiring a large rethink after the initial draft ran considerably under time. Part of the reason it's running under is assumptions I've been making on the part of the audience - what's clear to me, however, will bewilder anyone who hasn't sat down with me and gone over the plot in minute detail beforehand. Rectifying that, however, has led to some truly appalling moments of exposition and info-dumping dialogue. It's mostly in hand now, but I'm exceedingly glad no one was in the house to hear the out-loud readthrough I did the other day.

3. Some days you just don't feel like it (or Grand Theft Auto is a bad, bad thing). Mix one part good intentions with one part first-free-day-in-a-week. Leave to stand, then wonder where the afternoon went.

4. Fresh air is toxic to writers. Decided not to work on any kind of scribbling for the whole weekend, and just play with the kids. Went to the park with them and immediately felt utterly drained and lethargic. Home for a nap, and wonder where the afternoon went.

5. I need to get out more.

6. Eternity has a half-life of 47 years. So I discovered when I found my daughter had used a quarter of a bottle of the perfume on my son while playing hairdressers. Five days later, you can still smell him coming half an hour before he gets there. It's so bad that shaving his head is becoming an option.

7. Lots of people are interested in In Bad Dreams. Editors Mark and Sharyn did a Q&A spot at the Conflux Mini-Con last Saturday, and the turn out was reasonably impressive, I thought (my own lame question notwithstanding). Woo-hoo!

8. Everyone should watch The Chaser. Well, to be honest I already knew that, but since I'm reviewing the DVD today, here's a clip for non-Australians (you may want to refresh your memory concerning
Flash Beer first).

And finally a belated congraulations to Mondy, who got hitched at the weekend - nice one, mate!


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