Tuesday, September 25, 2007

'Resistance Is Useless!'

All right, you can stop now.

After weeks, nay months, of people pestering me to get a Facebook account, I've finally decided to cave in and set one up. (Pauses for Reality Chick in particular to do her victory dance). The final straw was when my wife signed up - if there's no escaping it around the house now, so be it.

I'll be sorting it out tonight (or maybe tomorrow), so if you're one of the site's campaigners have your invitation responses ready ...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a boozy couple of hours with a former cop sparked the old creativity and I've been tweaking an idea for a new horror story. Prospective editor Mark D is living it up over on the east coast right now so I've got plenty of time to iron out the creases before he has to see it.

Hmmm. Might be nice to work on something that need a deadlines now and again - I'm missing that feeling of blind panic.


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