Monday, October 15, 2007


Well it's taken a week but things are more or less back to normal. My wife's off her sick bed; some emergency surgery has saved the traumatised hard-drive on my computer - with all its contents intact; my son's got over waking up between five and 5.30am and my daughter's ecstatic because she's got her first wobbly tooth. Hurrah!

With the pressure easing - and due to lift more tomorrow with the end of the school holidays - I'm even getting some other things done. Two short stories are now well underway: the first is pending final editorial approval, and while I wait the various writers on the anthology are being digitally introduced to one another. And what a fine bunch of people it looks like too. The second story is waiting only for me to see a man about a map before I can submit an outline.

Meanwhile I'm about three-quarters through In Bad Dreams and my initial impression is that it's a book full of 'ambush creepiness' - you won't necessarily feel the impact of a story while you're reading it, rather it'll sneak up on you later when you're thinking about something else. For thems that's asked, I'll let you know how to order the book as soon as I get more information myself - but I understand it'll be widely available from October 31.

Which makes sense.


Blogger Mark Deniz said...

Jeepers, just been catching up on zee blog and what a few days it's been for you!

Glad to hear things are better with illnesses and hard drives and glad you're enjoying In Bad Dreams, it is supposed to be released on the 31st, I'll keep you updated!

3:44 PM  

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