Friday, October 05, 2007


Well, Caroline's out of hospital, but the doctors are still no nearer working out what the problem is. The embolism, it transpires, hasn't been ruled out completely, but the likelihood of it being present is so small as not to warrant a scan (with the attendant risk of radiation side-effects).

So, best guess then: a virus. And if all she's doing in hospital is sitting in bed and taking drugs, it's been ruled that she can do that just as well at home. Nonetheless, we've been told what to look out for, embolism-wise, and the hospital is only five minutes away, should we need it ...

Which really means that while the location may have changed we're still at the wait-and-see stage.

So we'll, um ... wait and see.


Blogger Peter Pan said...

Been in this boat myself when I was living with a congenital heart patient. Lots of poking prodding and nobody really able to give you a straight answer.
My love to you all

5:43 PM  

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