Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cooler Heads Prevail (Some of the Time)

The temperatures in Perth have sorted themselves out at last, meaning I'm considerably more creative (and noticeably less grumpy. My family threw a party to celebrate).

Submitted the synopsis for the strangely titled Signature Walk last week, and got a tentative go-ahead from the editor-bod (you know who you are!) to complete a first draft. Started work today, and things are moving along reasonably well - it feels good to be back at work.

Getting the nod for the first draft is by no means a commission - the stories that get included in the anthology in question won't be decided until the start of next month earliest. Even so, it's satisfying to know I'm thinking along the right lines, more so since hearing some disheartening news about another project. I won't be letting that news stop me, I just need to have a rethink about another story I've been working on ...

Meanwhile - and also disappointingly - it looks like I'll be missing out on a trip to Melbourne this weekend, thanks to the funds for my flight going astray. The idea was that I'd zip over to the east coast in time to see Simon Guerrier on his way back from the Gallifrey One convention in LA, as well as meeting up with fellow writers Ian Mond and Dave Hoskin. Looks like that idea's dead in the water now. Fortunately I've only recently seen Simon in London, and Mondy (and possibly Dave) will be in town in a few weeks for the Swancon sci-fi convention - along with someone else I'm very excited to be meeting ...

Not a total loss then, but I'm still not happy about having to miss a night on the beer with some like minds. Grrrr.


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