Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Weakest Links

It's only just sunk in that because Big Finish have redesigned their website most of the links over on the right hand side of the page there have been duds for at least a couple of months. Apologies if anyone's clicked on them and come up with error messages - they're all fixed now.

It's been a busy weekend so far, although largely for the wrong reasons. Yesterday should have been set aside for work on Signature Walk, but we all went to the beach instead. You could see that as a profligate use of time that's already in short supply, but then the seaside did look like this ...

... so you can see why we bunked off.

By the time we'd got home and the effects of drinking beer on a hot day had kicked in, I was no use at the keyboard. Atoned for that today, however, with a two-thousand word assault on the first draft to finish it by lunchtime. Needless to say - as with all my first drafts - it's largely pants, but I've still got a few days to pretty it up.

And this afternoon it's over to my mother-in-law's for an early birthday dinner before heading back here for a binge-until-you-puke night of football. First up the (recorded) A-League Grand Final between the Central Coast Mariners and the Newcastle Jets. That's followed by the (recorded) rematch between Sydney FC and David Beckham's LA Galaxy. Sydney caned the Galaxy in Australia last year - this time they're having a wee kick-about in Hawaii.

And to round off, the big one ... Spurs v Chelsea in the Carling Cup final. Spurs haven't won a trophy since ... oh, I think a king was probably on the throne. Worth staying up until the small hours to cheer them on then; but I may be extremely grumpy tomorrow morning.


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