Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fevered Pitch

It's been touch and go, but I've finally finished the submission I've been working on for the chaps at Morrigan, squeaking it in on the very day the deadline closes. Got to say it looked grim there for a while. Freed up by the return of the kids to school, my window of opportunity almost slammed closed when I went down with an amusing little virus that brought with it high fevers and associated delerious rambling. It might be argued that such overheated rantings could only help my writing, but since I've forgotten everything I said at the time that'll be another golden chance wasted.

Fortunately I've been clear-headed enough over the last day or two to not only finish the story but also to avert a complete disaster with the ending. The one I'd hoped to use had seemed like a good idea when I mentioned it to Editor Mark, but once the whole story was written ... well it was like plate armour at a bikini party - clunky and utterly out of place. But it's all fixed now, and the draft's away. Should find out if it made the cut in the next week or so.


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