Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting Promoted

Saw this on the Doctor Who discussion group Jade Pagoda yesterday, and couldn't help laughing:

"Transmissions" authors include Graeme Burk (of BBC and BF Short Trips fame), (our own) Ian Mond, Andy Lane (woo!), Mags L Halliday (woo!), Lou Anders, Richard Wright, James Milton, Dan Abnett (2000AD), Pete Kempshall (who's done some good fanzine work), Dale Smith (woo!), George Mann (the Time Hunter guy?), Kelly Hale (double woo!), Mark Stevens, Steve Lyons (woo!), Dave Hoskin, James Moran ("The Fires of Pompeii") and, of course, Richard Salter.

Which tells me that I really need to promote myself a little better (that or the chap who wrote the list doesn't like anything I've written since).

Still, at least someone's been reading those old fanzines - there's some very good stuff in those issues of Myth Makers, not least by Dale Smith. Who's also in Transmissions. With me.

See: bit of self-promotion, right there. Easy.


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