Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Latest Transmission

Not a great deal to report from the last couple of days - finished a story and wrote the dreaded 'back-of-the-book-bio' that goes with it; hit up a friend in the medical profession for a touch of scientific realism I hope to include in a new pitch; did a swift read-through for a story a mate's writing; and taught my kids how to fly a kite. We avoided all the trees and power cables and everything.

Meanwhile the release of the Doctor Who Short Trips book Transmissions is fast approaching (July 31, according to the Big Finish website) and editor Richard Salter has been doing his bit to promote the release while I've been pottering around, largely oblivious. He's given a rather good interview to Unreality SF about the book, its genesis and some of the stories you'll be able to read therein. You can read it here. And so you should.


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It's Joel. We haven't spoken in years but I found your name on Bishop's blog? How's things? We canned TRIPWIRE back in 2003 but have brought it back as an Annual and it's doing pretty well. Also had a bok published this year from Image called Studio Space. Check out my blog…

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