Thursday, June 19, 2008

Odd Job Man

So aside from popping in here to quiz people on their musical choices, what's been happening? Well there's been plenty to keep me busy, but for all the effort there's been little that's shown immediately obvious results.

I've spent a good deal of time on rewrites for an upcoming short story, a job that should have been easy but that ended up causing me some serious structural problems. Being told that I was the only writer the editors were still waiting for (the first time that's happened!) lit a fire under me, however, and I hope the version now being re-edited has addressed all the main problems. (If it hasn't, it's back to work ...)

Meanwhile I've been invited to pitch for another upcoming anthology, and ideas for that have been fermenting in a quiet corner of my head. With a reasonable block of free time today, I'm aiming to get a synopsis off at least, now that I have the core of a plot. The deadline for this one puts it ahead of finishing my story for Morrigan's Second Storey anthology (although that's looking good) and my constantly-put-back spec script. Of course, that's the problem with writing something as an audition piece - no deadline means no pressure means no finish.

I've also been lining up some interviews for a magazine in Sydney, covering everything from medical miracles to family tragedies. The availability of the subjects is causing me some problems, however - even though they're all keen to talk - so it's another of those situations where lots of effort is being expended but there's little to show for it.

And then, of course, there's Euro 2008 chewing up large chunks of my time. No England, obviously, but it's turning into a cracking tournament for the neutral, with plenty of upsets and surprises.

One bit of good news to finish - there's a fresh review of In Bad Dreams over at ASif, which includes some nice comments about This Train Terminates Here. It's the second review on the page, so scoot down to the bottom if you fancy a look. Good to see that after the initial wave of dislike for the tale, some more positive reviews are coming in. Yay!


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