Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fully Booked

Reading time's been at a premium for the last month or so - I'm struggling to get through a book at the moment, never mind that ever-increasing pile of comics tottering in the corner.

Back in Sydney, I'd be through one, maybe two books a week. It didn't hurt that my job meant a fair bit of train travel and the occasional free hour in between appointments. Since moving to Perth I'm down to a book every three weeks ...

Fortunately things are slackening off a little, and it's time to choose a new volume. I'm not the kind of person that finds they need a book, so goes out and buys one - I'm a stacker, buying whatever interests me regardless of what's on the go at any given moment and hoarding until slots free themselves up.

Today the choice consisted of:

Echo Park by Michael Connelly - Connelly's a big influence for me, as you'll be able to see from the conclusion to my novella in the Old Friends collection. This is the latest in his Harry Bosch series, out now but not yet in my possession. If I'd had money enough to scoot out and buy it today, it would have been top of my list, but ...

The Water Room by Christopher Fowler - second in his series of novels featuring his investigators of the unusual, Bryant and May. Fowler's books are pretty hard to come by over here, and this is the latest to arrive, although the UK are literally years ahead.

Life During Wartime - the third short story anthology in Big Finish's Bernice Summerfield series, and one I've got a renewed interest in after a chat with one of the writers recently. This is the tome that got him his start ...

Piece of My Heart by Peter Robinson - Along with Michael Connelly and Ian Rankin, Robinson's one of the few crime writers I follow religiously.

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming - read this years and years ago, but with the film out imminently thought it would be time to refresh my memory about it. Be interested to see whether the film keeps the infamous carpet-beater scene ...

But the winner is:

The Blood Red Army by David Bishop - another one of those books I've had to put on special order to acquire. Penned by an old mate, I read the first volume of this World War II vampires trilogy back in May - got to get back into the series before I lose the thread. Plus it's always fun seeing what DB's come up with this time ...

And I'll be starting it just as soon as I think of a way to finish this po-


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