Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It's been back on the case with the gossip mags in Sydney this week, filling in for one of their writers who's scarpered to evade the Easter Bunny. That means I'm not getting out much, being paid to man a desk on the off-chance that a story comes in. It also means I'm fiercely busy, filling any quiet moments at the desk with all the other little jobs that need doing.

Ruby Tuesday emailed me the other day to commend me on my work rate. If she means I zip from one task to the next in a caffeine-fuelled frenzy, she's spot on ... I'm starting to resemble Jason Statham's adrenalised hitman in Crank, one of the DVDs I've had to review over the last couple of days.

There you go - exactly like him.

Alright, he's got more hair.

Somehow I'm shoehorning in an outline for a comic strip, with a view to submitting to 2000AD in the near future (because their teetering slush pile really needs something to stick on top of it). Figured out the ending last night, shortly after figuring out the ending I had to start with was ... well, crap.

And because I've not got enough to do, today's the last day of school before Easter - three weeks of bored kids working on their 'Daddaddaddaddaddaddad' mantra.



Blogger David Bishop said...

I heart Crank. Any film that has a character say 'Do I look like I've got C**T written on my forehead?' and the word C**T appears on their forehead at the same time always wins points with me. Daft as a brush.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Pete Kempshall said...

My favourite bit was the man watching TV through a shop window - he sees the news report on Statham's rampage, then spots Statham right there next to him in nothing but a hospital gown and er, standing to attention from all the stimulants he's taken ...

Laughing my arse off at a nob joke - I'm such a toddler.

4:42 PM  

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