Tuesday, April 17, 2007

... Then Two Come Along At Once

Just like London buses, I'm suddenly spoilt for reviews of Old Friends. Thanks to both my diligent mum and to David Bishop for - virtually simultaneously - getting me details of the DWM review. The Bish has transcribed the relevant bits into the comments section of the previous post if you want to drop by there for a look.

Meanwhile Melbourne scribe and gentleman of taste Ian Mond has concluded his overview of last year's Bernice Summerfield books with a look at the novella collection. He too is appreciative of our efforts and you can see what he had to say on his site.

Now if I can somehow parlay all this good word of mouth into more work ...

Anyway, next post will be about something else - no reviews, I promise.

(Well, unless someone else posts another good one, then all bets are off).


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