Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Plot Dentistry

Early deadlines for Easter mean that I'm now finished all my magazine work until after the long weekend - hooray! That's not to say I've nothing to do, however, with three other non-day job projects needing attention in the time that's been freed up.

The first is a spec piece I'd quite like to have knocked into shape by the end of the week. Perth's sci-fi and fantasy convention, Swancon, kicks off on Thursday and as a result there'll be a couple of people in town I'd like to discuss this one with - assuming it's ready. A flash of insight over the weekend has opened up the ending for me, but now I'm having a few structural problems with it. Tried to fix them today, but it's been like pulling teeth.

So tomorrow I'll step back from it and work on one of the other yarns instead - a short story about a man and a bag, or the Secret Project that Mark Deniz alluded to in the previous post's comments section. As far as that one goes, all I can say is that in the beginning there was a word ...


Blogger Peter Pan said...

Swancon? They can break your arm you know.

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