Thursday, October 12, 2006

Business, New and Unfinished

With one project out of the way, I'm itching to start the next.

Have been engaged in an e-chat with a fellow scribe regarding a piece of unsolicited work we are hoping to start work on together, and I'm pleased to say that while it's early days it's looking promising. Having had a blast in the collaborative writing process for Old Friends, I'm keen to see how this one goes. The nature of unsolicited work is that more often than not it's politely refused, but whether it's eventually knocked back or not, the very process of creating it can only be beneficial to both of us.

Meanwhile, with Halloween approaching I've decided my last DVD review column for the mag this month shall be horror themed. So tonight it was dim the lights and perch on the edge of the seat for a squiz at some tales from the Masters of Horror anthology show.

The show gathers some of the key figures in horror flicks to work on one-off short stories, and I decided to kick off with Cigarette Burns, helmed - but not penned - by John Carpenter.

It's a tale of a man hired to find the sole remaining print of a film that drives its audience into murderous insanity. So far, so Ring-y. But while it's not helped by the presence of more-famous-for-marrying-Helena-Christensen-than-for-his-acting Norman Reedus in the lead, Carpenter works hard to get the atmosphere spot on, and you're sucked in almost despite yourself.

45 minutes in, and our hero acquires the film. It must be mere moments before he - and we along with him - gets to see it ...

And the DVD freezes.

Spooky coincidence? The intervention of a higher power to prevent me seeing the nightmare movie and damning my soul for eternity? Or just a teeny-tiny crack that runs three-quarters of the radius of the disc, invisible unless you're really squinting to see it?

Shot off a quick email for a replacemet, but even by express delivery it won't get here from Sydney until Monday.

Three days until I get to know what happens ... gah!


Blogger Peter Pan said...

We have a problem with our dvd player at the moment ..well one of them, we have 9 .... it freezes continually so I share your frustration. Or did until I decided to get off my fat arse and change the dvd player over for the dvd recorder.

5:24 PM  
Blogger Pete Kempshall said...

I aspire to a DVD recorder, just can't scrape together the cash. Ironically, I'd be willing to sell my Doctor Who videos on ebay to cover the cost, but I'd need to transfer them onto DVD first ...

6:09 PM  
Blogger Peter Pan said...

Sell them
Get your recorder
I send you copies of all of mine (every story from Pertwee onwards ...and I mean EVERY story)

4:33 PM  

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